To Reserve:

  1. Please complete the Reservation Agreement Form (1)  (see the notes below)
  2. Provide a scanned copy of your passport
  3. Pay the reservation fee (1 Bedroom – 100,000 pesos and 2 Bedroom – 200,000 pesos) by wire transfer to:

Account Name: AppleOne Mactan Inc.
Account Number: 330-7-33051354-0
Bank Name: Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company
Bank Address: N. Escario St. corner M. Zosa St., Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
Swiftcode: MBTCPHMM


  1. What is a 1904 form? – This is application of the Philippine Tax Indentification number.
  2. Can I use the Tax number from my own country? – No. You will need a Phillipine Tax Number It is easy to process online at the BIR. Please ask for further assistance
  3. I am married but the purchase will be in my sole name, Do you still want details of my wife? – Here in the Philippines its in our law that if you are married it will be a conjugal property. You can put it solely under your name but we still need your wife’s details because in the contract/title it will be indicated their that you are married to her. The advantage of putting it solely on your name is that you are the only authorized person on signing the documents needed no need for your wife’s signature. (But if you do not want that to happen then you can declare yourself single. then it will be solely under your name.)
  4. Do I need an authorised signatory? – Not really this is for buyers that will put the unit under their companies name.
  5. Do I need an Attorney in Fact? – No you do not need to unless you have someone you will authorize to sign the documents on your behalf.
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